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Archive Tender

S.No Tender Id Tender Category Work Description Publication Date LAST DATE OF BID SUBMISSION Downloads View
1 IIG/TENDER/FUR/12/2019 Goods

Single Bed with Mattress and pillow     -    32 Nos.

18/11/2019 10/12/2019 Detail Page
2 IIG / Engg / 2019 -03 Works

AMC for civil repair and maintenance works at IIG New Panvel , Belapur and colaba campuses. For 2019-2020 

04/11/2019 25/11/2019 Detail Page
3 IIG/Tender/Printing/11/2019 Works

Printing of Annual Report in English & Hindi version and "SPANDAN" Hindi House Magazine

31/10/2019 22/11/2019 Detail Page
4 IIG/C/Panvel/10/2019 Goods

Sale of scrap items such as chairs, newspaper, tyres etc.

31/10/2019 08/11/2019 Detail Page
5 IIG/TENDER/ 09/T/2019 Services

Web application security audit of IIG website as per the norms of NIC cloud hosting

23/10/2019 31/10/2019 Detail Page
6 IIG/1920/1203 Works

miscellaneous repair and maintenance works in the IIG staff quarter no: F:19:1.1 AND f: 18/1.1 at Belapur

15/10/2019 15/10/2019 Detail Page
7 IIG/EM/MP&S/EGRL/2019-20/07 dated 01.08.2019 Services

Providing Security and Manpower Services at EGRL, Tirunelveli

01/08/2019 21/08/2019 Detail Page
8 IIG/EM/MP&S/Port Blair/2019-20/06 Services

Providing Security and Manpower Services at Multiparametric Geophysical Observatory, Port Blair

08/07/2019 28/08/2019 Detail Page
9 IIG/1920/0462 Works

Construction of shelter shed over the transformer room at IIG Panvel.

14/06/2019 25/06/2019 Detail Page
10 IIG/EM/MP&S/Rajkot/2019-20/04 Services

Providing Security and Manpower Services at Magnetic Observatory,

Rajkot, Gujarat, India


07/06/2019 27/06/2019 Detail Page