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Rajkot Magnetic Observatory

Magnetic Observatory IAGA Code
Latitude(oN) Longitude(oE) Latitude(oN) Longitude
Rajkot -- 22.30 70.93 14.21 145.08

Rajkot Magnetic Observatory

Rajkot Magnetic Observatory is established in the year 2007 under the Memorandum of understanding between the Institute and the Saurashtra University Rajkot. After the devastating earthquake in Gujarat on January 26 th, 2001, the Institute has taken up many projects to monitor co-seismic activities in this region. This observatory is serving as base station observatory for survey in the region.

Variation Recordings : Digital fluxgate magnetometer, Induction coils.
Absolute Measurements : Proton Precession Magnetometer, Declination- Inclination Magnetometer.
Staff at Observatory : Mr. N.C. Gadai , Mr. Gopalsingh C. Rathod
Address : R ajkot Magnetic observatory Next to Dept of Phsics, Saurashtra University Campus, Rajkot, 360 005, India
Contact Persons : satyavir@iigs.iigm.res.in & gopiseemala@iigs.iigm.res.in

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