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The instrumentation section provides technical facilities to the Researcher of the Institute by developing the required hardware and software, besides undertaking installation and upkeep of instruments used in Magnetic Observatories.

One major achievement was to develop Proton Magnetometer for the Institute. These indigenously fabricated magnetometers have been deployed in all our Observatories. A proton magnetometer with 0.1 nT sensitivity has also been developed and put into use. A Vector Proton Magnetometer which involved the development of precision coil systems and high Stability Constant Current Source was developed soon after developing the first model of a PPM. Vector Proton magnetometers are fabricated and installed in all Observatories.

A new version of Vector Proton Magnetometer using four coil Barker System is also developed and installed in Alibag MO.

Development of Fluxgate Magnetometer with different kinds of sensors has been taken up and a prototype is ready . Development of Fluxgate Magnetometer, Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer and Declination and Inclination Magnetometer using Proton Magnetometer is underway as of now. A low power Proton Magnetometer which works on a single 12 volt battery and can be used for field surveys has been fabricated and is being used. In dI-dD Magnetometers it is very important to take successive readings at very short intervals. Proton Magnetometers take about 5 seconds per sample. Development of Dynamic Polarisation technique can cut down on the sampling time to say 1-2 seconds. OVERHAUSER MAGNETOMETER uses this technique and can yield a reading every second. Attempts are on for developing the same.

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