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Mr. Baburao Dhondiram Kadam


Technical Officer IV
Observatory and Data Analysis Division


Research Interests:

  • Use of Geomagnetic data to understand the SunEarth interaction process.

Selected Publications in Refereed Journals:

  • Alex, S., B. D. Kadam and D.R.K. Rao, Ionospheric current systems on days of low equatorial H, J. Atmos. Solar Terr. Phys., 60, 371-379, 1998.
  • Rangarajan, G.K., B. D. Kadam and S. Alex, Prediction of geomagnetic activity: A novel approach, Revista Geophysica, 48, 67-76, 1998.
  • Alex, S., B. D. Kadam, and R.G. Rastogi, A new aspect of daily variation of the geomagnetic field at low latitude, J. Atmos. Terr. Phys., Vol. 54, pp. 863-869, 1992.
  • D. R. K. Rao and B. D. Kadam, 146-day signal in the geomagnetic field –a probable association with the periodicity of the solar flare index, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. (Earth Planet. Sci.) Vol. 96, No. 2, 119-122,1987.

Complete List of Publications:

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