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About IIG Observatory Instruments and Facilities

The varied disciplines of research carried out by Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG) encompass solid Earth geophysics, geophysics involving the atmospheric environment and space physics. A variety of instrument suites have been deployed by IIG at a number of sites, including permanent installations at its observatories across the length and breadth of the country and temporary sites in survey or campaign mode. IIG also offers consultancy services for measurements of geomagnetic field and related parameters at selected sites and offers data available in its archive on payment basis subject to its data sharing policy in place.

The instrument suites can be broadly classified into in-situ probes like magnetometers, resistivity meters, seismographs, magnetotelluric, etc., instruments used for analyzing the properties of a variety of samples for geophysical studies, remote sensing tools like GPS/GNSS receivers with their extended capabilities and optical instruments for atmospheric studies. The facilities operated and maintained by IIG include the environmental magnetism and paleomagnetism laboratories at its Headquarters at Navi Mumbai and KSKGRL, Allahabad, respectively, the DC and AC magnetometer calibration facilities at the magnetic observatory, Alibag and EGRL, Tirunelveli.

Please contact services@iigs.iigm.res.in for more details about the instruments, facilities and services offered by IIG. For data related queries, please contact datarequest@iigs.iigm.res.in

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