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About IIG Observatory Instruments and Facilities

Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

Instrument Details
Name: Bartington Susceptibility Meter
Made: MS-2B, Bartington instrument Ltd, Oxford.

low frequency (LF) : 0.465 kHz
high frequency (HF) : 4.65 kHz Amplitude of Applied Field : 250 µT Sensitivity : 1 x 10 -6 SI (2 x 10 -6 CGS)
Accuracy : 1%
Sample size : 25.4 mm cores or 10cc pots

The MS2 system comprises a display meter together with calibrated sensors for measuring the magnetic susceptibility of soils and rocks. The sample is exposed to weak reversible magnetic field, typically of 0.1 mT and the MS2B sensor measures the strength of the magnetization induced by the sample. Magnetic susceptibility (K) is the ratio of induced magnetization (M) to applied field (H)
K=M/H SI units (dimensionless)
The MS2 is a versatile system offering high resolution and accuracy, excellent temperature stability and very low measurement drift. It provides non destructive measurements and can be operated in two frequencies.

Geological and soil surveys, palaeomagnetics, palaeoclimatic studies, archaeological prospecting, sedimentology, core logging/correlation.

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