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About IIG Observatory Instruments and Facilities

Pulse Magnetizer

Instrument Details
Name: MMPM-Pulse Magnetizer
Made: Molspin Ltd, UK.

Field Range : 9 Tesla Power Supply : 220 v
Sample Size : 2.54 cm diameter, 2.54 cm high and even < 1cm sample can be used in MMPM 10

This magnetizers are used to induce an Isothermal Remanence Magnetization (IRM) into a rock sample by use of a pulse technique. These instruments operate using a capacitor system in which electrical charges is built up to the necessary level and required magnetic field is then generated as a short duration pulse. Sample acquire this artificially generated known magnetic fields when they exposed to it and the IRM is measured in any spinner magnetometers.

Used in rock magnetic (environmental magnetism) studies to impart IRM and SIRM and thus to understand the magnetic mineralogy.

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