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About IIG Observatory Instruments and Facilities

Spinner magnetometer –Minispin

Instrument Details
Name: Minispin Spinner magnetometer
Made: Molspin Ltd, UK.

Range : 0.1 to 2500 mA/m
Noise : 0.025 mA/m
Spin Duration : 6 sec (short run) or 24 sec (long run)
Data Indication : 6 digit LCD display and +/- indicator
Power Supply : 120 or 240 volt AC
Sample Size : 2.54 cm diameter 2.54 cm high

The MINISPIN is a high sensitivity, portable, slow speed spinner fluxgate magnetometer. Rock specimens are spun at 6 Hz about a vertical axis inside an annulus-shaped fluxgate surrounded by a triple layer cylindrical mumetal shield. The output signal is integrated over either 6s or 24s and is then displayed as two orthogonal horizontal components of complete vector results it is necessary to perform a sequence of measurements with the specimen in different orientations.

Used in paleomagnetic and rock magnetic studies to measure remanence magnetizations (NRM, ARM and IRM) of rocks, sediments and soils.

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