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World Data Centre at IIG

The Institute supports an International Data Centre for geomagnetism, the only centre in the Indian sub-continent. “World Data Centre (WDC) for Geomagnetism, Mumbai” started at IIG in early nineties under the recommendation of the International Council of Scientific Unions and the Panel on World Data Centres. Main objective of the centre is to make available the world-wide magnetic data in computer compatible form to the scientific community. The aim of the centre is to cater to the needs of Space and Earth Scientists and research students from Universities/Colleges and research institutions.
The Centre has the latest technical support facilities of archival, cataloging, retrieval and supply of digital data to keep pace with the advancement in technology. WDC, Mumbai has launched its own database website along with high bandwidth dedicated transmission link.
WDC URL: wdciig.res.in

Dr.B. Veenadhari, M. Doiphode, R. Nimje

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