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Dr. Manohar Lal

Dr. Manohar Lal
Dr. Manohar Lal
Associate Professor
KSKGRL, Prayagraj
Contact Number: 
Academic Record: 
  • B.Sc.    Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Gorakhpur Univ.,1984
  • M.Sc.    Physics, Gorakhpur University.,1986
  • Ph.D.    Atmospheric  Science, Gujarat University., 1994
Professional Appointments: 
  • Physical Research Laboratory,Post Doctoral Fellow 3400,    May 1994 to May 1995, Fabrication of multiwavelength photometer
  • National Physical Laboratory, Research Associate 3100, June 1995 to Nov 1996, IR spectro radiometer for atmospheric gases
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  4. Astrophys Space Sci   (2021)  366 : 31 ,  Multiwavelength analysis of CME-driven shock and Type II solar radio burst band-splitting,  Shrish Lata Soni, E. Ebenezer, Manohar Lal
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