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KLY-4 Kappabridge

Instrument Details 
Make: AGICO, Czech Republic, Model: KLY-4/CS-3/CS-L 

Specifications: Sensitivity: 3.0 ´ 10 -8 SI 
Operating frequencies: 875 Hz 
Accuracy: ±0.1% 
Temperature range CS-3: 30 to 700 °C 
Temperature range CS-L: - 192 to 0 °C 
Heat rate is approx. 35 °C/min


It is a fully automated precision inductivity bridge. Optional attachments like CS-3 and CS-L, enables measurement of temperature variation of bulk susceptibility from -192°C up to 700°C. The measuring coil is designed as a compensated solenoid with an outstanding field homogeneity.


Temperature dependence of magnetic susceptibility (χ−T) is used to determine changes in mineralogy of natural samples during heat treatment to delineate:

  • Low and high temperature variation of susceptibility
  • Curie temperature
  • Rock magnetism

Variation of magnetic susceptibility with temperature from -196°C to 700°C