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Scientific Papers

Papers published in November 2019

  1. Ochieng, A. Adero, Geeta Vichare, Paul Baki, Pierre Cilliers, Pieter Kotze, Chao Xiong, Ashwini Kumar Sinha, Storm-time mesoscale field-aligned currents and interplanetary parameters, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar–Terrestrial Physics, 195, 105131, 2019.

    doi: 10.1016/j.jastp.2019.105131

  2. Kumar, Susheel and Nitin Sharma, The seismicity of central and north-east Himalayan region, Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, Vol. 49/3, P. 265–281, 2019.

    doi: 10.2478/congeo-2019-0014

  3. Basavaiah, N., Rock Magnetic Research at IIG and its Application to Paleomagnetic, Archaeomagnetic and Environmental Magnetic Aspects, Journal of Geological Society of India, 94, P. 550, 2019.

    doi: 10.1007/s12594-019-1357-8

  4. Barik, K.C., S.V. Singh and G.S. Lakhina, Resonant instabilities of kinetic Alfven waves in the Earth’s magnetosphere with superthermal electrons, Physics of Plasmas, 26, 112108, 2019.

    doi: 10.1063/1.5114907

  5. Aher, Sainath, Sambhaji Shinde, Praveen Gawali,  Pragati Deshmukh, Lakshmi B. Venkata, Spatio-temporal analysis and estimation of rainfall variability in and around upper Godavari River basin, India, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 12, 682, 2019. 

    doi: 10.1007/s12517-019-4869-z

  6. Gokani, Sneha A., Mike Kosch, Mark Clilverd, Craig J. Rodge and Ashwini K. Sinha, What Fraction of the Outer Radiation Belt Relativistic Electron Flux at L ≈ 3‐4.5 Was Lost to the Atmosphere During the Dropout Event of the St. Patrick's Day Storm of 2015?, Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics, 2019.

    doi: 10.1029/2018JA026278

  7. Balan, N., Qing‐He Zhang, K. Shiokawa, R. Skoug, Zanyang Xing, S. Tulasi Ram and Y. Otsuka, IpsDst of Dst Storms Applied to Ionosphere‐ Thermosphere Storms and Low‐Latitude Aurora, Journal of Geophysical Research – Space Physics, 124, 2019.

    doi: 10.1029/2019JA027080

  8. Tulasi RamS.B. Nilam, N. Balan, Q. Zhang, K. Shiokawa, D. Chakrabarty, Z. Xing, K. Venkatesh, B. Veenadhari and A. Yoshikawa, Three Different Episodes of Prompt Equatorial Electric Field Perturbations Under Steady Southward IMF Bz During St. Patrick's Day Storm, Journal of Geophysical Research – Space Physics, 124, 2019.

    doi: 10.1029/2019JA027069

  9. Tsurutani, Bruce T., Sang A. Park, Barbara J. Falkowski, Jacob Bortnik, Gurbax S. Lakhina, Abhijit Sen, Jolene S. Pickett, Rajkumar Hajra, Michell Parrot and Pierre Henri, Low Frequency (f < 200 Hz) Polar Plasmaspheric Hiss: Coherent and Intense, Journal of Geophysical Research – Space Physics, 124, 2019.

    doi: 10.1029/2019JA027102