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Director message

Prof.  A. P. Dimri
Prof. A. P. Dimri

From the Director’s desk…..

Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG), Mumbai is one of the leading national and international centres of geomagnetism and allied field research. It is a unique centre in tropical region contributing towards observations leading to researches. The vision and mandate of IIG is to be a global knowledge centre in Geomagnetism research pursuit and maintain and modernize the sophisticated magnetic observatory networks and corresponding instruments. An international repute of Colaba-Alibag Observatory for producing high quality geomagnetic records for more than 180 years is remarkable. Currently IIG operates 03 Regional Centres and 12 geomagnetic observatories across India. In addition, institute regularly participates and contributes in the Indian winter and summer Expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic. A combinations and suites of magnetic observations and various expedition experiments provide valuable and comprehensive data-base to explore lithosphere-magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling.
IIG is actively engaged in basic and applied research in Geomagnetism and allied areas of Plasma Physics, Atmospheric and Space Physics, Space weather and Geophysics. The studies encompasses the entire Heliosphere starting from Earth to Sun to other planets, to investigate the solar wind interactions with the ionospheres and magnetospheres of the planets and with and within Earth. Using geophysical tools, paleo-climate and tectonics research; water quality research on hydrological behaviour of aquifer systems;and geophysical and geochemical characterization of geothermal springs are extensively investigated.Based on theoretical, numerical and process simulations above studies provide concurrent know-how for societal and defence needs.
In addition, a team is actively involved to develop, maintain and validate magnetic observatories/instrumentations. Low cost instruments viz., proton precession magnetometer, magnetic data logging and acquisition systems, etc. are developed. Also, IIG is contributing in national build up by providing services to national agencies viz., Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, Naval Air Stations, etc.
IIG is importantly working and preparing next generation researchers under capacity building mission. Institute is supporting and training regular doctoral scholars.In addition to this under ‘Inspiring Minds of Post-graduates for Research in Earth and Space Sciences (IMPRESS)’program young researchers undertake research in geomagnetism and allied fields. ‘Dr.Nanabhoy Moos Post-Doctoral and Research Associate Fellowships’ programs are conceived to pursue their research ideas further
In view of IIG’s long legacy, and endowed onus, I am committed to take it further with continued research efforts and contributions.

Jai Hind
IIG, Mumbai
26 Apr 2022