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As an important part of IIG’s IT infrastructure, the Computer Center provides all types of IT services to its staff members. These common IT services are provided by hosting and managing various servers, storage, video conferencing setup, networking, and firewall devices. The center provides secure and reliable internet services to fulfill the browsing needs of the scientific and technical staff. The latest blade servers with server virtualization are hosted along with three ISP internet links of 100 MBPS bandwidth. The center has a central storage facility with a backup solution for the users. To facilitate virtual meetings, a dedicated video conference setup is equipped and managed by the center. The center has managed to connect all IIG’s regional centers and geomagnetic observatories to HQ campus over a VPN tunnel as a part of WAN network for secure internal communication over internet.

With a vision of fully computerized atomization of the administration setup, IIG has started the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System & initiated this project in collaboration with the Telecom Center of Excellence (TCOE) India. The ERP system is being rolled out to the users by making the different modules live in stages. 

The Centre is equipped with 256 core High Performance Computing (HPC) system having ~ 5 TF sustained performance. This HPC system consists of 8 compute nodes (integrated with Intel Xeon-based 64-bit processors with 2TB shared RAM), 1 head node, and two storage nodes. This system uses Intel MPI over Infiniband interconnect. The system supports both OpenMP and MPI parallel environments for running the jobs in parallel. The system is connected to the storage with a usable space of ~ 50 TB. The application softwares like Intel Fortran, Matlab, IDL, Mathematica, Matlab, origin, etc. are available as per the needs of the scientific community.

List of Facilities

High Performance Computing system for the high-end computer simulation modelling
Computer Lab facility for visiting students

Contact details

Dr. Jayashree Bulusu
Email: jayashree[dot]b[at]iigm[dot]res[dot]in
Phone: +91-22-27484143
Dr. Chinmaya Nayak
Email: [chinmaya[dot]n[at]iigm[dot]res[dot]in
Contact: +91-22-27484229