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Director's Research Group (DRG)

Coordinator: Prof. Geeta Vichare
Team members: Prof. A. P. Dimri, Dr. Jayashree Bulusu, Dr. Chinmaya Nayak, Ms. Aditi Upadhyay 

The Sun acts as the main source of energy for the Earth’s climate and weather systems. This research group works towards understanding the impact of the solar variability on the Earth’s climate, over various temporal (days to decades) and spatial (regional to global) scales. The solar-terrestrial interactions in the magnetosphere-thermosphere-ionosphere system are extensively studied and fairly well understood. However, there are only few studiesfor understanding the solar influence on weather and climate. A complete understanding of such complex phenomena requires (i) understanding of various scales of solar variability, (ii) correct identification of their signatures in the climate and weather systems and (iii) physical mechanisms to explain those. The eventual goal is to properly model these effects in climate models and be able to make accurate and prompt predictions wherever applicable. 

Significance of this Research
Considering the limited understanding of solar forcing (both short- and long-term) on climate and weather systems, the outcomes of this research become extremely important. Ultimately, this research looks into phenomena directly affecting society (climate change, geomagnetic storms, tropical cyclones, monsoon, etc.) 

Contact details: 
Prof. Geeta Vichare