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IIG Scholars' Colloquium / Seminar

Name of the Speaker Research Title Date Abstract
Nilam Bhosle The characteristics of sudden commencements (SCs) and Sudden Impulses (SIs) associated with solar wind disturbances 24/03/2023 Abstract
Dr. Devanandhan S. Plasma wave observation in the Venusian atmosphere permeated by the solar wind 17/03/2023 Abstract
Dr. Pankaj K. Soni Particle dynamics in the Earth’s magnetosphere & some basic tools to understand it. 10/03/2023 Abstract
Ms. Chandan Kapil Brief introduction to Non-linear system 27/02/2023 Abstract
Vasundhara Barde Fundamentals of the Indian summer monsoon and associated rainfall variability 10/02/2023 Abstract
Zubair I. Shaikh Basics of Coronal Mass Ejection: Observational Perspective 27/01/2023 Abstract
Biswajit Ojha Seeking the presence of Electromagnetic waves and their significance in the Lunar wake 20/01/2023 Abstract
Fazlul I. Laskar How SpaceX lost 38 out of the 49 Starlink satellites launched on 3rd February 2022? 30/12/2022 Abstract
Laxmikanta Nanda Morphotectonic study of major watersheds of Krishna River, India 02/12/2022 Abstract
Sunaina Shinu Source characterization of magnetic data using simulated annealing approach 18/11/2022 Abstract
Flawiya S. More Physiographic study of Nag River watershed, Maharashtra, using remote sensing and GIS 04/11/2022 Abstract
Sreelakshmi J. Effect of Zonal Wind Shears on low-latitude Westward Currents associated with Equatorial Electrojets 28/10/2022 Abstract
Rama Pandey Environmental magnetic properties of sediments and Relative paleointensity measurements 21/10/2022 Abstract
Prof. Devesh K. Sinha
Director of Delhi School of Climate Change & Sustainability
Integrated Neogene-Quaternary Oceanic Biostratigraphy & Magnetostratigraphy: Global Correlations and Scope for Indian Marine Neogene Sequences 17/10/2022 Invited talk
Adhitya Pavithran Observation of Ionospheric Alfven Resonator with Double Spectral Resonance Structures 14/10/2022 Abstract
Prasanna Mahavarkar Design and development of a Fabry-Perot etalon based optical system for measuring the airglow emissions 07/10/2022 Abstract
Vasu Deshmukh MT & AMT studies across thermal springs in SW part of Maharashtra 30/09/2022 Abstract
Tabish Khan Depth to the Bottom of Magnetic Sources: An Overview 23/09/2022 Abstract
Nilesh Chauhan Atmospheric Gravity waves: an overview and case studies 16/09/2022 Abstract
Rajesh Kumar Barad Ionospheric Impacts of Solar Eclipse: Observation and Sami3 Model Simulation 09/09/2022 Abstract
Chandan Kapil Use of Machine learning Classification techniques as pattern recognizer for TEC depletions 02/09/2022 Abstract
Dr. Vinayak Rane Towards developing an extremely sensitive and accurate magnetometer 26/08/2022 Abstract
Ms. Trunali A. Shah Variations in the Earth’s Radiation belts: A review 18/08/2022 Abstract
Neetasha G. Arya Lower Hybrid Waves in Space Plasmas 05/08/2022 Abstract
Pankaj Soni Modelling Of Coherent Wave Structures and Associated Particle Dynamics in the Earth's Magnetosphere (Talk under "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav") 03/08/2022 Seminar
Prof. G. S. Lakhina Super Geomagnetic Storm 29/07/2022 Invited talk
Md.Mujahed Baba Paleoseismological studies with special emphasis on Earthquake-induced Deformation Features (Seismites) in and around Shillong plateau, NE India. 22/07/2022 Abstract
Ashish P. Jadhav Structure and dynamics of MF radar scatterers over Tirunelveli and Kolhapur 15/07/2022 Abstract
Prof. S. Gurubaran Challenges in our understanding of the Mesosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere (MTI) Coupling. 01/072022 Invited talk
Rajapandy P Principles of ionospheric radars 24/06/2022 Abstract
Saurabh Sawant Environmental Magnetic Studies along the Parad Sediment Section, Purna Basin, Deccan Volcanic Province, India 24/06/2022 Abstract
Sahil Pandey Particle Distribution Functions And their Applications in modelling Space Plasmas Processes 17/06/2022 Abstract
Satyamesh H Tiwari Signatures of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Volcanic Eruptions in the near field Ionosphere 17/06/2022 Abstract
Prof. A. P. Dimri 'Climate-Change and Extremes Over the Himalayas'. 10/06/2022 Invited talk
Prof. A. Bhattacharyya 'Secular variation of the geomagnetic field and its implication in some atmospheric phenomena'. 03/06/2022 Invited talk
Ipsita Katual Ionospheric Response to the Geomagnetic Storm 27/05/2022 Abstract
Monica Rawat Lithospheric Magnetic Anomalies over the Indian Subcontinent and Adjoining Oceans from Swarm Satellite Constellation: Observation, Extraction & Processing of Satellite and observatory data. 27/05/2022 Abstract
Ayushi Srivastava Motion of charged particle in Space-Plasma Environment 20/05/2022 Abstract
Ankita Manjrekar 3D Numerical Ray tracing of Radio wave propagation through Ionosphere 20/05/2022 Abstract
Pradnya Mohite Rock-magnetic and archaeomagnetic investigations on archaeological artefacts from Parad, Purna River Basin, Maharashtra  13/05/2022 Abstract
Pranali Thakur Interplanetary condition during extreme geomagnetic storms & its association with cosmic rays 13/05/2022 Abstract
Gayathri B Equatorial Spread F Occurrence during Summer solstice over Tirunelveli region 06/05/2022 Abstract
Amruta Kinetic Theory of Magnetosonic Waves 06/05/2022 Abstract