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Library and Documentation



About the Library 

The Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG) Library has the most comprehensive and unique collection of geomagnetic resources within the country. The library reflects the history of the Institute in its collection. Thus subjects like astronomy, astrophysics, and meteorology also find its place along with present subject interest.  Its present collection can be broadly classified in the areas of Geomagnetism, Upper Atmosphere, Solid Earth Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism, Environmental Geomagnetism, Plasma Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computers, Electronics & Instrumentation, and Antarctic Geosciences. The library facilities are also available at the regional research centers at Tirunelveli, Allahabad, and Shillong. Basic books related to the field are available with all its ten observatories located throughout India. This collection also includes the Indian Magnetic Data, published since 1845. 

IIG Library Services : 

1. Research Support Services i.) Institutional Research Output: Compiling, and preserving various types of institutional research output. This covers the analysis of research papers published by institutions, Impact Statistics, cited research areas, publication trends, calculating author's productivity, journal preferences, impact factor analysis, altimetric scores, subject growth trend analysis, and any other services when asked for. ii.) Article Publication Charge (APCs): Formulating guidelines and reviewing the comprehensive APC for the institute, from time to time. Negotiating with publishers for a suitable price covering subscription costs so as to enable Gold Open Access for published papers. Helping students and scientists with understanding ‘Article Publication Charges (APC)’ from different publishers and ways to get a waiver. Processing their requests for APCs by taking various approvals and getting the same processed to facilitate the publication of articles. iii.) Helping users with types of Copyright issues of Publishers, especially those pertaining to the Creative Commons.  iv.) Intellectual Property Right (IPR): Ensuring that the IPR of abstract approval for scientists; is following the proper workflow, the approvals taken, scientists are informed of the decision of the competent authority. v.) Compiling resources to be posted on the library website on topics like “Publication Ethics”, “Research Metrics and Measuring Research Impact”, “Predatory Publishing”, etc. Helping students on such topics. vi.) Abstract Display Service (ADS): The abstracts of the manuscripts for publications/presentations from the scientific/technical staff of the institute are displayed in the Library notice board. This information is also sent to the Regional centers & Observatories of the institute through official email on a daily basis. 

2. Reference and Information ServicesLibrary offers individualized service to assist students, faculty, researchers, and staff in locating the required information, or information sources available in the library or elsewhere.  Library staff at the circulation desk are available to help readers, discover the rich collection of reading materials, identify and use electronic and print reference tools, and locate information in the library and elsewhere.

3. Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)(link is external)The Library offers computerized Catalogue Search Services through the Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). The feature of Web OPAC is to Search by specifying the Author, Title, subject, year of publication, or any other field, Find the Status of the book: Whether the book is on a shelf or issued, the number of copies available in the library, the due date for the borrowed books, etc

4. Circulation Services (Issue, Return, Renewal)The staff members of the Institute, visiting scientists and project students can avail of this facility. The authorized users can borrow books and bound volumes of the journals for a prescribed time period. Outsiders with the necessary permissions can browse through the library collection.

5. Inter-Library Loan (ILL) The resources not available in the library are procured from other libraries and provided to the users. This arrangement is known as an Interlibrary loan (ILL) facility.

6. QR Code (Click here)Library uses QR Codes on end stacks to lead users to the Resource. Scan the QR code from your mobile through the QR code scanner and click the link. After scanning the user will be redirected to the Resource.

7. Display of New Arrivals (Click here)(link is external)New Arrivals (Books, Ph.D. Thesis, Reprint, Print Journals, and Magazines)

8. Reprography & Binding ServicesThe preference is given to get photocopies from the library documents.

9. Digitization of  Ph.D. Thesis (Click here(link is external)) and Project reports (Click here(link is external))  : Digitization of scientific publications like Ph.D.Thesis and project reports

10. Online Access to e-resources: The library provides access to a huge range of electronic resources (e-resources) to support learning, academics, and research for students, staff and researchers.

11. Library Orientation ProgramsLibrary regularly organizes user orientation/Information Literacy Programs at the IIG Library.


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                                Trial Access :  1. Lyell Collection -Geological Society of London  (from 13.05.2022 - 13.06.2022)  2. Grammarly  (from 22.07.2022 - 04.08.2022)  

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Library Opening Hours : 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM.  The Library remains closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.


Name: Dr. Smita Chandra 
Designation: Library In-Charge
Name: Mr.Sachin Jadhav
Designation :  Technician
Name : Ms. Vishakha Parikh
Designation : Trainee Librarian
Name : Mrs.Rutha Abel
Designation : Peon
Phone: 022-2748 4137 / 4047 / 4108