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Ph D Theses

Sr. No. Name  Title
1 Rao, D.R.K. Some studies of the geomagnetic field in low latitudes, 1972.
2 Rangarajan, G.K. Study of low latitude geomagnetic field: influence of interplanetary field and periodic oscillations, 1976.
3 Arora, B.R. Some problems of geomagnetic solar and lunar daily variations in low latitudes, 1976.
4 Murthy, A.V.S. Some aspects of the geomagnetic anomalies with special reference to the structure and tectonics of the Godavari valley, 1979.
5 Sastri, N.S. Some studies of the geomagnetic solar and lunar daily variations and of the equatorial counter-electrojet in the Indian region, 1979.
6 Khanna Meena, S. Instabilities in solid state plasma and space plasma, 1980.
7 Bhatia Kamal, G. Some plasma instabilities in the magnetosphere, 1980.
8 Agarawal, A.K. Analysis of transient magnetic variations: case studies for subsurface structure and source field characteristics, 1983.
9 Rajaram, M. Identification of variations associated with the Sun and their use in some geophysical studies, 1983.
10 Thakur, N.K. Some studies of crust and upper mantle by geomagnetic deep sounding, 1983.
11 Koparkar, P.V. Studies in ionospheric physics with special reference to the ionospheric irregularities and VHF scintillations, 1985.
12 Mukherjee, G.K. The utility of quantitative magnetospheric magnetic field models, 1986.
13  Alex, S. Studies on Earth’s plasmasphere (F region and topside ionosphere), 1989.
14 Basavaiah, N. Study of Earth’s interior through geomagnetic methods – satellite derived geomagnetic field anomalies, 1993.
15 Pathan, B.M. Studies of low latitude ionosphere through satellite radio wave propagation, 1994.
16 Reddy, C.D. Electromagnetic induction studies in Garhwal Himalaya and adjacent regions, 1994.
17 Waghmare, S.Y. Study of sub-surface geology using the anomalies of the Earth’s magnetic field, 1995.
18 Rao, C.K. Magnetotelluric studies of structures in crust and mantle, 1997.
19 Chandrasekhar, E. Determination of deep Earth electrical conductivity using long period geomagnetic variations, 1998.
20 Gupta, G. Magnetotelluric studies over the Indian subcontinent, 2000.
21 Banola, S. Ionospheric irregularities, 2001
22 Jadhav, G.V. Low latitude current system, 2001.
23 Sinha, A.K. Studies of large scale oscillations in the magnetosphere, 2001.
24 Erram, V.C. Magnetic mapping of basement of India, 2002.
25 Arun, T. Geomagnetic signatures at Antarctica – diagnostics of internal and external fields, 2002.
26 Ramkumar, T.K. Investigation of equatorial ionosphere using ground-based magnetic field measurements and a medium frequency radar, 2002.
27 Sridharan, S. Investigation of middle atmospheric winds, waves and tides from low latitudes, 2002.
28 Kakad, A.P. Role of plasma instabilities in the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling processes, 2004.
29  Anand, S.P. Crustal magnetic anomalies over Indian sub-continent, 2004.
30 Bhardwaj, S.K. Parameterization and sources of equatorial and low latitude geomagnetic oscillations, 2005.
31 Kakad, B. Study of irregularities and dynamics of the low latitude ionosphere, 2007.
32 Rawat, R. Geomagnetic storm phenomenon as inferred from the low latitude geomagnetic field variations and interplanetary parameters, 2008.
33 Shetti,D.J. Studies of the dynamics of the upper atmosphere at low latitudes (0 to 30 degree latitudes), 2008
34 Sridharan,M. Mathematical modelling applied to geomagnetic data of Indian observatories, 2008
35 Parihar, N. Optical investigation of mesopause using OH Meinel band and OI557.7 nm nightglow at low latitude station, Kolhapur, India, 2009.
36 Iype,M.S.Anil Some analytical and numerical results on the hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic instability of Inviscid swirling flows, 2009
37 Patil, P.T. Studies of atmospheric neutral dynamics using night airglow and radar techniques and development of electronic instrumentation control, 2010.
38  Sathishkumar, S. Studies of the dynamical coupling to the equatorial middle atmosphere, 2011.
39 Lakshmi Narayanan, V. Study of dynamical coupling of the mesosphere-lower thermosphere-ionosphere region at low latitudes, 2011.
40 Panneerselvam, C. Temporal studies of atmospheric electrical parameters close to the Earth’s surface, 2012.
41 Dhanya, R. Study of electrodynamical coupling of equatorial atmosphere-ionosphere system, 2012.
42 Singh, A.K. Geomagnetic response of solar wind-magnetosphere coupling, 2012.
43 Bhagavathiammal, G.J. Studies on mean winds and planetary waves in the middle atmosphere, 2012.
44 Arif, M.D. Rock magnetism and palaeomagnetism of meteorite impact craters in India, 2013.
45 Nayak, C.K. Study of the variability of equatorial and low latitude ionosphere in the Indian region using radio waves, 2013.
46 Shrivastava, M.N. Estimation of strain distribution of the seismogenic regions of India from GPS measurements: Numerical modelling, interpretations and implications, 2013.
47  Remya, B.  Beam and temperature anisotropy driven plasma instabilities in the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetosphere system, 2013.
48 Devanandhan, S. Study of some linear and non-linear phenomenon in space plasmas, 2013.
49 Maurya, A.K. ELF/VLF studies of ionosphere and magnetosphere electromagnetic phenomenon in low latitude region, 2013.
50 Das, P.K. Magnetic investigations of urban pollution at Mumbai and Nashik, Maharashtra, India: mineral magnetic method as a pollution proxy, 2014.
51 Nair, N. Geophysical characterization of tectonic elements along the western continental margin of India and the Andaman-Sumatra Arc-Trench System, 2015.
52 Bulusu, J. Studies of temporal and spatial structures of ultra-low frequency (ULF) waves in Earth’s magnetosphere, 2015.
53 Manu, S. Investigation of near Earth space environment, 2015.
54 Victor, J. An integrated study of electrodynamical coupling of atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere, 2016.
55 Kumar, S. Studies on equatorial and low latitude ionospheric electrodynamics and coupling processes during geomagnetically quiet and disturbed periods, 2016.
56 Thomas, N. Investigation of magnetic field measurements recorded by low Earth orbiting satellites, 2016.
57 Bhaskar, A.T. Physical understanding and mathematical modelling of geomagnetic field variations during disturbed magnetosphere-ionosphere system, 2016.
58 Behara, J.K. Study of sub-auroral dynamics using integrated measurements, 2016.
59 Selvakumaran, R. Investigation on solar-interplanetary and magnetosphere coupling and geoeffectiveness, 2016.
60 Jujjuru, L.V.M. Environmental magnetic and geochemical studies of palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction in Krishna Godavari Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India, 2016.
61 Ajith, K.K. Studies on the evolution and dynamics of equatorial plasma bubbles (EPBs) using equatorial atmosphere radar (EAR), 2017.
62  Yadav, V. Multi-technique study of the dynamics of equatorial E region, 2017.
63 Gokani, S.A. Magnetosphere/Ionosphere remote sensing using lightning discharges generated VLF and Whistler mode waves, 2017.
64  Sreekumar, S. A study on the characteristics of the equatorial spread F (ESF) irregularities and their variabilities, 2018.
65 Singh, D. Study of ionospheric variabilities in the equatorial and low latitude region, 2018.
66 Venkatesham, K. Near-Earth and space weather studies by very low frequency (VLF) waves in low latitude region, 2018.
67 Sau, S. Study of dynamical coupling of the atmosphere-ionosphere system at low latitudes, 2018.
68 Ponraj, M. Crustal deformation and geodynamics of India-Eurasia collision zone and adjoining regions from inversion of GPS and seismicity data, 2018.
69 Varghese, S.S. Solitary waves, double layers and supersolitons: their possible implications in Earth’s magnetosphere, 2018.
70 Lotekar, A. Formation and evolution of coherent electric field structures in near Earth’s space plasma environment, 2018.
71 Rubia, R. Study of electrostatic turbulence in the solar wind-magnetosphere plasma having non-thermal plasma distribution, 2019.
72 Vijaya Kumar, P.V.V. Electromagnetic induction studies in Saurashtra region, 2019.
73 Sreeraj, T. Generation of low frequency waves by energetic particles in space plasmas, 2019.
74 Gowtham, V.S. Studies of large scale ionospheric phenomena and electrodynamic processes using GNSS-radio occultation, 2019.
75  Naidu, S. Imaging saline water ingress in coastal aquifers of Maharashtra using electrical resistivity technique constrained by geochemical data, 2019.
76 Danda, N. Lithospheric structure across the northern Cambay rift basin and adjoining regions, western India using magnetotelluric method, 2019.
77 Gandla, S. Appraisal of groundwater recharge potential zones in parts of semi-arid region of Maharashtra, India: A geoelectric and hydro-geomorphologic approach, 2019.
78 Radhika, P.R. A geopotential approach to reveal the buried basement structure of the Kutch Rift Basin, Western India, 2019.
79 Gurram, P. Quiet and disturbed time dynamics of low latitude F-region.  Navi Mumbai, 2019.
80 Pandya, M.M. Solar sources and interplanetary drivers of space weather events and their geoeffectiveness, 2019.
81 Dube, A. Thunderstorm effect on coupled Atmosphere-Ionosphere system in the Indian low latitude region, 2019.
82 Kunnummal, P. Crustal architecture and isostasy of aseismic ridges in the North Central Equatorial Indian Ocean using high resolution satellite derived gravity data, 2019.
83 Singh, R. Coupling of the Solar Driven Prolonged and Transient Processes to the Equatorial and Low Latitude Ionosphere, 2019.
84 Kutty, P.V.M. Study of the electrodynamics of the ionosphere, 2019.
85 Thomas, D. Lithospheric deformation and associated manifestation in ionosphere using GNSS observations, 2020.
86 Harikrishnan, A. Theory and simulation of electron and ion phase space holes in space plasmas, 2020.
87 Saji, A. Kinematics of deformation in the Central Himalaya and its proximities using space geodetic observations, 2020.
88 Kamalam, T. Linear and nonlinear analysis of plasma waves in the presence of magnetic field, 2020.
89 Barik, K.C. Generation of low frequency electromagnetic waves in the magnetosphere, 2021.
90 Shaik Z. Study of cosmic ray response to large scale structures in interplanetary space.  IIG, Navi Mumbai, 2021. 
91 Nayak, S. Terrestrial resonance coupling during great earthquakes, 2022.
92 Upadhyay, A. Comprehensive study of electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves and associated phenomenon in the Earth’s magnetosphere, 2022.
93 Ojha, B. Solar wind control of wave activity in the magnetosphere, 2022.
94 Soni P.K. Modeling of coherent wave structures and associated particle dynamics in the earth’s magnetosphere, Navi Mumbai, 2022.