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Declination Inclination Magnetometer

Instrument Details :- Make : Bartington, Model : Mag 01
Specification :- Measuring range: ±0.2mT, Maximum resolution: 0.1nT, 
Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C, power: 6-18 V 0.5 A, 
Scaling: 10mV/μT, Theodolite Accuracy: 6 sec of Arc

This instrument measures the angle of declination and inclination of Earth’s magnetic field. It also measures the values of component of Earth’s magnetic field and used for baseline calculation of Variometer values. We have DIM running in all magnetic observatories of IIG. 

Working Principle: 

This precision measurement system combines the a high resolution single axis fluxgate probe, mounted onto a non-magnetic theodolite, and it's associated magnetometer. This enables the accurate measurement of the Earth's magnetic field declination and inclination in magnetic observatories or in the field. The system comprises a single axis fluxgate magnetometer, a fluxgate probe (Mag A Probe), and a steel-free theodolite. A steel-free tripod is available for mobile surveys. The Mag A Probe offsets are electronically adjusted to ensure the highest accuracy during the declination and inclination observations (using the null-method), with the angular values easily estimated to 6 seconds on the DIM.

Applications :

  • Absolute measurement of Declination and Inclination in magnetic observatories for correction of variometer's baseline.
  • Declination and inclination mapping for field survey.
  • Reference tool in calibration of rangefinders or compass roses