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Elemental Analyzer (CHNS)

Instrument Details 
Make: Elementar Analysensysteme Gmbh, Germany, Model: vario EL cube

Detection range: C: 0-40 mg, N: 0-15 mg, H: 0-3 mg, S: 0-6 mg 
Detection limit:< 40 ppm with TCD, Accuracy: < 0.1% abs.

The samples are weighed in tin or silver vessels and loaded in the integrated carousel for 80 samples. In a fully automatic process, the transfer of the sample through the ball valve into the combustion tube is performed. Each sample is individually flushed with carrier gas to remove atmospheric nitrogen, resulting in a zero blank sampling process. The catalytic combustion is carried out at a permanent temperature of up to 1200 °C. For special applications, even 1400°C can be selected. Subsequently, the reduction of the combustion gases on hot copper is carried out in a second furnace. The formed analysis gases, N, CO 2, H 2O and SO 2 remain in the He carrier gas stream. The gas mixture is separated in its components via three columns by the well proven purge & trap chromatography and is subsequently fed into a thermal conductivity detector (TCD).The TCD is based on thermistor technology, is impervious to damage from oxygen intrusion, and stands out for particularly high stability and measuring dynamics. Right before the detector an electronic gas flow controller ensures absolutely stable pressure and flow conditions. A connected PC computes the element concentration from the detector signal, and the sample weight on the basis of stored calibration curve.


  • Geological samples
  • Organic chemistry
  • Agriculture and environment
  • Sulphur trace analysis