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Magnetotelluric Recording System

Instrument Details 
Make : Phoenix Geophysics, Canada, Model : MTU-5A(P)

Models & channels:Five component (2E electric channels; 3H magnetic channels)
Frequency range: 10 kHz to DC 
Dynamic range: 130 dB; gain settings variable by factors of 4
ADC: One per channel, 24 bits
Timing accuracy: Better than ±100 nanoseconds; oven-controlled crystal oscillator synchronized to GPS
Connectors Multi-pin, military-style connectors for sensor input, GPS, and battery Heavy-duty binding posts for electric field inputs and ground
Input power: 12 V DC 
Power consumption: Approx. 9—12 W depending on the state of operation, plus approx. sensor load 
Environmental Operating: —20°C to +50°C; passive operation causes no environmental damage

The magnetotelluric method is a passive electromagnetic (EM) technique for which natural electric (E) and magnetic (B) fields variations are measured in orthogonal directions on the earth’s surface to determine the resistivity distribution in the subsurface, on depth scales ranging froma few tens of meters to hundreds of kilometres


Data acquisition and sharing is mandated as per adopted IIG’s data policy.
Requirement of magnetotelluric consultancy services can be discussed