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MFK1-FA Multifunction Frequency Kappabridge

Instrument Details 
Make: AGICO, Czech Republic, Model: MFK1-FA 

Sensitivity: 2.0 ´ 10 -8 SI 
Operating frequencies: 976, 3904 & 15616 Hz 
Accuracy: ±0.1%


This instrument is a super-precise, fully automated inductive bridge.  It is equipped with automatic zeroing system (in both real and imaginary components); automatic compensation of the thermal drift of the bridge unbalance; as well as automatic switching to appropriate measuring range. The measuring coil is designed as a compensated solenoid with an outstanding field homogeneity.

The instrument can also carry out fully automated measurement of the field variation of both the in-phase bulk/mass susceptibility, and relative changes of phase angle.  It is possible to perform short runs of this measurement using a reduced number of distinct fields.  In addition, user configuration of measuring fields is also available.


Measurement of Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) within rocks is widely used to investigate preferred orientation of magnetic minerals, such as magnetite to understand:

  • Magnetic Fabric
  • Environmental Magnetism
  • Magnetic Mineralogy

Dimensions of specimen to be measured 
Cylinders (regularly shaped specimens): Diameter 25.4 mm Length 22.0 mm 
Cubes: 20 ´ 20 ´ 20 mm