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MicroMag Alternating Gradient Magnetometer

Instrument Details 
Make: PMC, USA 
Model: Micromag 2900 AGM 

Sensitivity: 10 ´ 10 -9 emu 
Accuracy: ±2% 
Measuring range: ±1000 mT 
Vibration amplitude: 1 nm to 10 m m 
Supports a maximum sample size of 5 mm × 5 mm × 2 mm, (≤200 mg with robust
x-axis probe


The Micromag 2900 AGM uses a modified technique to conventional vibrating sample magnetometery. Basically, the magnetometer works by vibrating the sample vertically at the midpoint of the field produced by the laboratory magnet. The Model 2900 Micromag system uses an alternating gradient field to produce a periodic force on a sample placed in a variable D.C. field. The sample is mounted on an extension rod attached to a piezoelectric element.

The alternating field gradient exerts an alternating force on the sample, proportional to the magnitude of the gradient field and the magnetic moment of the sample. The resulting deflection of the extension is transmitted to the piezoelectric sensing element.


  • Room temperature Hysteresis loop
  • DC demagnetization remanence
  • Isothermal remanent magnetization
  • Coercivity
  • First order reversal curves (FORC)