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Particle Size Analyser

Instrument Details 
Make: CILAS, France, Model: 1064L 

Size range: 0.04-500 µm (liquid mode), Accuracy: ± 0.5 %, Acquisition time: 30 seconds, 
Source :Fiber and collimated Laser diodes, Wavelength: 635 and 830 nm


With an extremely compact cast iron optical bench, the CILAS 1064 integrates 2 sequenced laser sources positioned at 0° and 45°, to produce a diffraction pattern analyzed on a 64 channel silicon detector. Through the software, the distribution curve is represented by 100 classes over the range from 0.04 to 500 μm.


The CILAS 1064 is the ideal tool for sub-micron analysis in the fields of chemical industries, ceramics, PVC and pharmaceuticals. It is also very useful instrument for research laboratories and used in IIG to understand particle sizes in Sediments from lakes, rivers and oceans