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Resistivity Meter/Resistivity Imaging Meter

Instrument Details 
(a) Make : IGIS, Model : SSR-MP-AT 
24V rechargeable battery
Currents up to 200 mA
100 micro volts resolution

(b) Make : IRIS, Model : Syscal Resistivity imager
Voltage 0-1600 Vpp
Current 0-2500 mA 
Power250 W

(a) The IGIS signal stacking based signal enhancement resistivity meter model SSR-MP-AT is a state of art microprocessor based data acquisition system.
(b) Multi-conductor electrode cables and computer-driven, automated switching, as well as innovative processing of large resistivity data sets, have allowed simultaneous performance of profiling and sounding to produce two-dimensional “electrical images” 

The electrical resistivity method is an active geophysical technique. It employs an artificial source which is introduced into the ground though a pair of electrodes. The procedure involves measurement of potential difference between other two electrodes in the vicinity of current flow. Apparent resistivity is calculated by using the potential difference for the interpretation. These electrodes by which current is introduced into the ground are called Current electrodes and electrodes between which the potential difference is measured are called Potential electrodes. 

1) Ground Water Exploration 
2) Bed rock Investigation 
3) Delineation of Geological Structures 
4) Sand and Gravel Deposit Identification 
5) Mineral Investigations