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Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Instrument Details 
Name: MicroMag 3900- Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) 
Made: MicroMag-3900 Princeton, USA 

Sensitivity : 0.5 x 10 -6 emu 
Maximum applied Field : 2.2 T 
Power Requirements : 220 V

If a sample of any material is placed in a uniform magnetic field, which is created between the poles of a electromagnet, a dipole moment will be induced. If the sample vibrates with sinusoidal motion a sinusoidal electrical signal can be induced in suitable placed pick-up coils. The signal has the same frequency of vibration and its amplitude will be proportional to the magnetic moment, amplitude, and relative position with respect to the pick-up coils system.

The vibrating sample magnetometer has become a widely used instrument for determining magnetic properties of a large variety of materials: diamagnetics, paramagnetics, ferromagnetics, ferromagnetics and antiferromagnetics.

It is widely used to determine the domain sizes of the ferromagnetic minerals