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X-ray diffraction spectrometer

Instrument Details 
Make: inXitu, USA , Model: BTX -226 

XRD range (2 q ): 5 to 55°, Sample quantity: 15 mg 
Sample Grain-size: <150 m m, Source: Cobalt 
Operating temperature: -10 to 35 °C


X-ray diffraction is based on constructive interference of monochromatic X-rays and a crystalline sample. These X-rays are generated by a cathode ray tube, filtered to produce monochromatic radiation, collimated to concentrate, and directed toward the sample. 

The BTX Benchtop XRD System (portable instrument) is a fast, small footprint, benchtop XRD for full phase identification of major, minor and trace components. Its unique, minimal sample prep technique and sample chamber allow for fast, benchtop analyses rivalling the performance of large costly lab units.


  • Clay mineral identification
  • metal content
  • Magnetic mineralogy