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Broadband Seismometers

Instrument Details:- Make : REFTEK (Trimble), 
Model : REFTEK 130S Digitizer with 151B Seismometer 

Equipped with high performance tri-axial Broadband Seismometer coupled with the state of the art 24-bit Data Acquisition System. Frequency response of the Seismometer is 120sec – 50Hz with sensitivity of 2000 V/m/s and full scale voltage of ±20V peak-to-peak differential. The digitizer consist of3 independent sigma-delta 24 bit ADC, one for each channel. The input is ±20V with common mode rejection better than 70dB. It is equipped with inbuilt GPS receiver with timing accuracy of more than 10 microseconds.

The seismometer operates on the principle of inertia, that involves sensing the relative motion of the earth’s ground motion through the spring and mass suspended from a frame which moves along with the earth’s ground surface. As the earth moves the relative motion between the mass and the earth generates an electrical voltage that is proportional to the ground motion and is recorded by the Digitizer. The seismometer used is a force balanced velocity transducer with feedback coil, which sends a current such that it opposes any motion of the mass. The analog voltage from the seismometer is digitized by the digitizer.


  • Measures ground motion including the seismic waves generated by an earthquake and other seismic sources along with the ambient noise.
  • Magnitude of an earthquake can be computed.
  • Map the interior of the earth by analyzing the recorded seismograms.