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Scanning Electron Microscope

Instrument Details 
Make: Tescan, Czech Republic
Model: VEGA 3 SEM 

Operating Voltage: 10 to 30 kV 
Magnification: Maximum 5000x

VEGA3 is a versatile system intended for both low and high vacuum operations providing users with the advantages of the latest technology, such as new improved high-performance electronics for faster image acquisition, an ultra-fast scanning system with compensation for static and dynamic image aberrations or scripting for user-defined applications. In addition, by means of powerful turbo-molecular and rotary vacuum pumps, optimum operating vacuum is reached within few minutes. 
These chambers are fitted with a variety of ports and designed with optimal geometry for EDX analysis. 

Earth Sciences cover a wide range of scientific disciplines that conduct research on the detailed characterization of geological materials. SEM is a vital tool in this field and provides high resolving power as well as several analytical capabilities. Secondary electron imaging is essential in micropaleontology where topology is important while backscattered electron imaging and analytical capabilities are more relevant in mineralogy, petrology and economic geology. Materials Science is a field which deals with the discovery and development of new materials and methods for their study. It is a multidisciplinary science involving different fields of knowledge such as physics, chemistry and engineering.

  • Earth science
  • Material science